Yom Shlishi, 2 Av 5777

SHOFAR  January / April 2017 / 5777


Editorial by Rich Sherman, President COBS                       

Should acceptance of a supernatural being be contingent on our ability to understand that being’s motivations and actions?

Many people insist that understanding G-d (the supernatural, etc.) at our own level is necessary in order to believe that a god / supernatural being exists. This idea is fatally flawed yet rarely critiqued except in terms such as God being beyond our understanding.

It is obvious that we don’t understand why God didn’t interfere in the Nazi holocaust or the infinite number of events at least as horrid. In fact, we don’t know anything about why God does or doesn’t do anything. We also have vanishingly little understanding of the vast processes which have fundamentally altered our world, and the life on it, since its formation which resulted in the world as we know it as it is now. In short, the idea requires that humans have sufficient types of thinking and perception so they can perceive and assess systems not associated with our normal existence.

A crucial addition to the above is the equally flawed argument that somehow our world incredibly meets all the conditions for life so we can live here.

This is ludicrous because it is just the opposite. Life – including us – evolved to meet the ever changing conditions of our planet. This means that we are creatures expertly crafted by evolution to meet our needs for survival now.

It may well be that evolving to meet our needs to survive on our planet hasn’t included development of capabilities for sensing or understanding many possible aspects of a being operating at levels beyond our physical capabilities.

For example:

1.  We evolved to detect information coming in from three physical dimensions (up/down, forward/back/ side to side) and one temporal dimension. Yet, it is now common knowledge that we actually exist within a far more complex space-time continuum which we can’t sense directly. Because of these limitations, we cannot directly perceive the actions of a being operating in five or more dimensions except through the indirect impact on the four dimensions we can perceive.

             This concept was explored in the short story “Flatland” written by Edwin Abbott in about 1884. The narrator is a two dimensional being (no height dimension) who is trying to explain his world to a three dimensional being (a human) who has just poked him from above – a dimension he was totally unaware of until that moment.  As an example of why he was so surprised, the two dimensional narrator describes his experience with a one dimensional being (a “line person”) who can’t grasp a second dimension even though the narrator has just touched the one dimensional being on its side.  The three dimensional human understands this perfectly but, when the two dimensional narrator asks the human what it is like to be poked by a four dimensional person, the human is flabbergasted and states that it is impossible.

2. Our senses evolved to pick up only local stimuli of immediate importance to survival. Any abilities to pick up less than obviously crucial information get weeded out or drastically reduced during the first few years of development.

Thus, we can’t really sense anything far from these stimuli. This means that much of space looks empty when it is actually full. We simply haven’t developed ourselves to detect the constant twists in space-time (etc.) because they don’t impact our day to day survival as much as other factors. We can’t even sense much of what is around us (e.g. alpha radiation) so can’t take the impact of much of our surroundings into account.

3.  Our cognitive processing parallels the limitations in our senses. Our processing developed to optimize our responses to local, relatively short term, impacts on our survival. Processing systems are weeded down drastically during the first few years of development, then in late childhood, and again during the teen years. We actually can’t think far outside our box so can’t easily evaluate totally foreign events which we don’t even know are having an impact on us. For example, people who grew up without seeing an airplane virtually always perceive their first sight of one flying as a bird. They ignore the windows and “see” the wings flap.

4. Humanity exists in a fleetingly short slice of time. We don’t have the perspective to consider the impact of events happening on a cosmic scale because we are just beginning to make rough guesses about them. Think of an intervention we might make into the life of an adult mayfly unknowingly heading into an environmental situation which will kill all of its offspring. If we freeze the fly before it can reproduce, it might think that our stopping it from reproducing is the worst possible situation. If it had a longer perspective, it might have realized that conditions coming up would prevent the survival of any offspring. So, our freezing the fly gave it a greater possibility of successful reproduction next year.

In conclusion, our lack of ability to appropriately sense or understand a supernatural being’s actions does not constitute a valid reason not to believe in such a being.

Want to talk about this more? Just let me know and we can set up an adult education session about it.


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