Yom Shlishi, 5 Av 5778

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11/3 – 6:30 pm: Jewish Nobel Peace Prize Winners led by Phyllis Darling, at Jody Moss & Gary Kriedberg’s

1/17 – 6:30 pm Hosted at Bruce & Mary Schleicher’s, presented by Steve Bearmann



Jews’ relationship with G_d

Jews in Central Europe

Jews in England & France

Jews in Arab Lands

The Bible as Literature

Jewish communities in India

Great Jewish Merchants

Shalom Aleichem Film & stories

Early Jewish Wars

Herod’s Reign

Science in the Bible - part II  health care

Science in the Bible - part III  communications The Talmud 

Early Jews in the American west

Torah Stories

Torah portions of interest

Jews in Mideval Europe

Jews in the Caribbean and North Africa



Talks already given:

NOTE - WE CAN GIVE ANY OF THESE AGAIN - JUST ASK!!!! Satirical Jewish Stories from Europe's Middle Ages (especially "The Wise Men of Helm")

Jews in New Zealand

Science in the Bible - part one 

 Who transcribed the Torah?

Genetics of Jews in relation to heritage and achievement

Sephardic Jews,

Holy Days 101

Jews in the New World

Jews and the American Revolution

Babylonian Captivity Prophets

Culture of Jews in Germany before WWI

Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean

What makes us different?

Pioneer Jews in the American West

Jews in Australia

Jews in Sub-Saharan Africa

Jews in Ancient Rome

Jewish early heritage – UR and the Judean Hills


Rosh Chodesh

Jews on Broadway

Josephus and his history of Jerusalem's early Days