Good to see each other!

The COBS in-person Adult Ed presentation about the Garden of Eden was a hit! It was wonderful to see friends in person, and enjoy our beautiful area. Many thanks to Suzanne for planning the presentation, and Bruce for opening his garden for our Garden of Eden talk!!

From the handout:

  • How the myth of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden has endured, and changed in interpretation throughout history.
  • The differences in the text about the creation of Adam’s wife/ wives (Lilith vs Eve)
  • Did God create other worlds before the one with the Garden of Eden story?
  • Jewish view of Creation and science
  • Why would God want Adam and Eve to not have knowledge
  • What would the world be like with immortality (Tree of Life) or not understanding good and evil (Tree of Knowledge)?
  • The consequences of Eve being characterized as a temptress, and “consulting with the devil”.
  • There were no apples in the Near East, nor were the devil or sin mentioned in the story. How did they appear in the retelling?
  • Did God wish to punish or a protect Adam and Eve?
  • The Christian concept of original sin emanating from the Garden of Eden story vs the Jewish approach.
  • Kabbalistic thinking about Adam and Eve